Code de la langue (ISO 639-3): taq
Population: 250,000 in Mali (1991). Population total all countries: 281,200
Region: Central, Timbuktu area, and northeast Mali. Also in Algeria, Burkina Faso
Alternate names: Kidal, Kidal Tamasheq, Tamashekin, Timbuktu, Tomacheck, “Tuareg”
Dialects: Timbuktu (Tombouctou, Tanaslamt), Tadhaq (Kidal). May be 2 separate languages
Ressources par la SIL

Tamasheq prepositions

a semantic analysis of Tamasheq prepositions
Auteur : Wolthuis, Wilma
Langue : Tamasheq

In Tamasheq there are different kinds of prepositions: those that are purely topological and those that are directional. The topological prepositions only define the relationship between the figure and the ground and are neutral in respect to the path. The directional ones define the path and are neutral in respect to the ground or the figure.

Sujet : Grammaire

Some verb morphology features of Tadaksahak, or Berber or Songhay, this is the question

Langues : Tadaksahak; Tamasheq

Having been described as "langue mixte" (Lacroix 1971), this language presents features of Songhay and Berber languages. The observations discussed in this paper deal with the way voice changes are handled. In particular, it shows how the causative is formed. The causative morpheme S(V)- is of Berber origin and prefixed to the verb root as in Berber languages, whereas Songhay suffixes the causative morpheme that is of a very different form (-andi). But only verb roots that are also etymologically from Berber can take the morpheme in Tadaksahak. All roots that are cognates with Songhay are replaced with a Berber root with the same meaning, when causativized, changed to passive voice, or made reflexive or reciprocal.

An appendix to the paper lists examples of both intransitive and transitive verbs using suppletion of the root when changed to causative and passive voice.

Sujet : Grammaire
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A Grammar of Tamashek (Tuareg of Mali)

Auteur : Heath, Jeffrey
Editeur : Mouton de Gruyter, 2005
Langue : Tamasheq

This is a comprehensive description of Tamashek Tuareg spoken in Mali. The varieties covered in this volume are those of Tamashek in the narrow sense, excluding Tawellemett but including the other Malian varieties (Goundam, Timbuktu, Gao, Ansongo, Kidal, and the Gourma area south of the Niger River including Gosi and the outskirts of Hombori).

Also available as an eBook.

Sujet : Grammaire

Dictionnaire touareg du Mali

Un dictionnaire tamachek / anglais / français
Auteur : Heath, Jeffrey
Editeur : Karthala, 2006
Langue : Tamasheq

Ce dictionnaire touareg du Mali porte sur un parler jusqu'alors peu connu de ce vaste ensemble. Il comporte de nombreuses variantes dialectales et fournit les identifications scientifiques des espèces naturelles (flore, faune). Des commentaires linguistiques et autres, ainsi que des renvois aux dictionnaires du touareg du Niger et d'Algérie en font un outil utile pour tous ceux qui s'intéressent à cette langue et à cette culture.

Sujet : Dictionnaire