Tondi Songway Kiini

Language code (ISO 639-3): tst
Population: 3,000 (1998)
Region: Mopti region, Douentza cercle, Gandamia commune & Petaka commune. Spoken in several villages 15-35 kms northeast of Douentza.
Alternate names: TSK
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Tondi Songway Kiini (Songhay, Mali)

Reference Grammar And TSK-English-French Dictionary

Only recently discovered by linguistic scholars, Tondi Songway Kiini (TSK) is a tonal language spoken in the small country of Mali in western Africa. Unlike other Songhay languages, TSK preserves the lexical and grammatical tones of its proto-language and also exhibits unique systems for the expression of focalization and relativization. Tondi Songway Kiini is a valuable overview of the grammar of an African language with a tone system quite different from that of the more familiar Bantu system. It is also an irreplaceable guide to the grammar and meanings of this unusual African language.

Subjects: Dictionary, Grammar