Language code (ISO 639-3): kao
Population: 120,000 in Mali (1991). Population total all countries: 130,610
Region: Bafoulabé, Kayes principal towns. Also in Gambia, Senegal
Alternate names: Kasonke, Kasso, Kasson, Kassonke, Khasonke, Khassonka, Khassonké, Xaasonga, Xasonga, Xasonke, Xaasongaxango
Dialects: Highly intelligible with Western Maninkakan [mlq] and a little less with Bamanankan [bam], but for sociolinguistic reasons they are considered separate languages. 90% inherent intelligibility with Malinke [loi] in eastern Senegal. Lexical similarity: 70% with Mandinka [mnk] of Gambia and Senegal