Report of a linguistic survey on the Malinké of Western Mali and Senegal with special regard to the Malinké of Kita

Languages: Malinké, Kita

Conversations with people working in Malinké areas and conflicting statements in literature on Malinké dialects caused us to question whether existing or developing literatures (Jula, Bambara, Khassonké, Malinké of Senegal and Maninka of Guinea) could adequately serve all Malinké speakers, especially those in the area of Kita.

The main purpose of the survey was therefore to determine whether or not the
Malinké speakers of the Kita area in Mali need a separate literature. Is their speech form a separate language or can they adequately understand and communicate in the Bambara of Bamako, Khassonké, the Malinké of Eastern Senegal or the Malinké
(Maninka) of Kankan, Guinea?

Secondly, if they are able to understand one or more of these speech forms, which one is the most easily understood and what is their attitude toward using literature in any of the above-mentioned speech forms.

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