Rapport Sociolinguistique sur la Langue Bobo Madaré

Language: Konabere

There are four principle objectives for the Bobo-Madaré survey that was undertaken in 1995: (1) to test the intelligibility of literature written in the southern prestige dialect, Syabéré, among the people in the north, (2) to evaluate the northern people’s knowledge of Jula and the literature written in Jula, (3) to learn more about the attitude of the northern people toward their own language and toward Syabéré and Jula, and (4) in case of need for separate literature in northern Bobo-Madaré speech, to find the optimal language center for development of writing.

The findings indicate a need for separate language development in northern Bobo- Madaré and recommend the speech of Tansilla as an appropriate center. 231 words elicited in seven locations within the Bobo-Madaré homeland are included in the report.

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