Introducing SIL Mali

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SIL's personnel works in close collaboration with the speakers of Mali's languages, building local capacity in translation and literacy. With this in mind, we offer workshops and training courses in linguistics, literacy and translation:

  • Discover your language, grammar and phonology
  • Primer construction
  • Writers' workshops
  • Introduction to translation principles
  • Desktop publishing, book production and promotion
  • Ethnomusicology and song-writing workshops.

SIL is also willing to respond to invitations from training centres and other organisations to teach courses related to our areas of expertise.

Objectives and Activities

Our objectives and activities can be divided into three key areas:

1. Linguistic Analysis

Research and linguistic analysis lead to the proposal of an alphabet in the language and can result in the publication of scientific documents (phonological and grammatical descriptions, bilingual dictionaries, etc.). They enable the development and use of the language in its written form.

2. Literacy

Another goal of SIL is to enable those who cannot read to enter into the world of literacy using their own language. Such a skill enables people to integrate into the modern world, while retaining their local identity. Being able to read in one's own language facilitates the learning of French and other new skills.

SIL publishes oral literature (from the transcription of local stories, proverbs and history), teaching materials (basic reading books, literacy manuals) and post-literacy materials (books on health and agriculture, etc.)

3. Translation

In the area of translation, we seek to equip local translators in producing local language versions of Scripture texts and educational books.

A good translation will not only use the appropriate words and structures but will also employ the right expressions and natural style in order to communicate clearly.

SIL Mali and our Partners   |   Activities and Objectives   |   Our Personnel