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Welcome to the website of SIL in Mali, West Africa.
We've been working here for over thirty years as an NGO under an agreement with the government of Mali. We specialise in linguistic research, training, translation and literacy.
Here you'll find information on the languages of Mali and resources to download.

Latest Resources

Here are some of the resources we have posted recently on the site. You'll find articles, links and books about Mali's languages. Click on the titles for more information and for resources to download.

O na sooninken do faransen ko

Parlons le soninké et le français
Author: Hagg, Marian
Publisher: SIL Mali, 2015
Language: Soninke

Vocabulaire et phrases en soninké et en français.

Subject: Learn to read

ABCD kitaabe sooninkanxannen sigiru

Abécédaire : les lettres en langue soninké
Publisher: SIL Mali, 2015
Language: Soninke

Abécédaire en orthographe romaine et ajami, deuxième édition.

Avec une orthographe provisoire d’ajami pour faciliter la transition vers l’orthographe officielle du soninké au Mali (avec les alternatives du Sénégal).

Subject: Alphabet

A Sociolinguistic Survey of Eastern Maninkakan, including the Wassulu area

In February 2011 a survey was conducted to clarify the geographic boundaries involving several speech varieties of the Mandé language family spoken in southern Mali and northeastern Guinea, with relevance to the northwestern corner of Côte d’Ivoire. The implicated speech varieties are Bambara [bam] (i.e. wassulunkakan dialect), Eastern Maninkakan [emk], Wojenakan [jod] (i.e. folonkakan dialect), and Jula [dyu].

The tools used were a participatory mapping exercise, a group questionnaire, individual questionnaires, and a sentence repetition test. The results indicate that the boundaries of Eastern Maninkakan form a polygon roughly following lines drawn from Bamako (in Mali), to Dabola (in Guinea), to Faranah (in Guinea), to Kérouané (in Guinea), to the point where Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Mali come together, and back to Bamako.

In addition to literature already being developed in the maninka-mori dialect of Guinea, it is recommended that another literacy program be developed in Mali for the Maninka people living south of Bamako, resulting in two programs for Eastern Maninkakan.

Sooninkanxannen sigiru

Tableau de lettres en langue soninkée
Publisher: SIL Mali, 2014
Language: Soninke

Tableau de lettres en langue soninkée: un tableau qui presente chaque lettre de l’alphabet soninké par un mot clé et son image.

Subject: Alphabet

ABC kitaabe sooninkanxannen sigiru

Abécédaire : les lettres en langue soninkée
Publisher: SIL Mali, 2013
Language: Soninke
Subject: Alphabet